Dr. Majid Eshaghi

Professor Of Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Semnan University, Iran

Research Interests: Mathematical Analysis, Game Theory, Cognitive Sciences

Email: meshaghi[at]semnan.ac.ir



Dr. Farzin Yaghmaee

 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Software Engineering, Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Semnan University, Iran

Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Persian language processing tools, Image processing

Email: f_yaghmaee [at] semnan.ac.ir



Dr. Rahman Marefat

Assistant professor, Department of Information Sciences and knowledge Studies, Psychology Faculty , Semnan University

Research Interests: Information Literacy, Mass Media, Internet, Human communication, online social network

Email: rmarefat [at] semnan.ac.ir



Dr. Abdolmohammad Kashian

Assistant professor, Departman Of economics, management and administrative science , Semnan University, Iran

Research Interests: Research in Online Economic Resources, Economics of Financial Markets, Money and Banking, Islamic Humanities (Emphasising on Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance)

Email: a.m.kashian [at] profs.semnan.ac.ir